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Strategic Advisory

Solving your complex real estate problems

We offer an integrated strategic approach on the full suite of advisory services for real estate. Our team has the expertise and experience to guide our clients through the most complex and demanding real estate projects and challenges.
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  • Multiple Titles
    Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Strategy
    Strategic Planning
  • Bar Line Chart Growth
    Feasibility Analysis
  • Agency
    Options Analysis
  • Tenant Knowledge
    Tenant Mix & Merchandising
  • Calculator
    Transaction Advisory
  • Site Coverage
    Highest & Best Use Studies
  • Location Survey
    Site Selection & Ranking
  • Experienced Team
    Deal Structure Analysis
  • Desitnation Consulting
    Land Demand Analysis

Why partner with us?

Travaillez avec de vrais experts en immobilier.

A proven methodology will turn the challenges you face into something meaningful and powerful to improve your decision-making process.

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Vous avez besoin de nous pour exécuter la stratégie ? Nous pouvons également le faire.

Our experience allows us to take a 360 degree view of the situation and offer you a unique and customized solution.

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Découvrez le pouvoir des meilleures données de l’industrie.

The full network of Colliers’ brokerage, development, research, valuation, property management, and project management expertise will be leveraged to your benefit.

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Once you decide upon a recommended strategy, we can execute it on your behalf due to our market-tested experience.
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You ask, we deliver

Which options will provide us with long-term cashflow
certainty and enable reinvestment for the future?

What criteria should we prioritize to create the best
decision-making to further our business?

What due diligence can we complete to ensure we
extract the most value from our real properties while
mitigating our risk exposure?

How can our real estate strategy be better aligned
and enable our corporate strategy?

Client Success

août 19, 2021

Colliers offre ses services de conseil en vue de soutenir le développement de son client aux États-Unis

Lion Electric connaît une importante croissance aux États-Unis grâce au soutien stratégique de Colliers
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oct. 26, 2020

We’re Here to Help You "See What Could Be"

At Colliers, we don’t see what is. We see what could be.
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