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Asset Advisory Services


With an asset management outlook and your vision in mind, we will work with you to prioritize, establish, and execute asset strategies for anything from a single Class A office asset to a nationwide portfolio.

Our collaborative approach will simplify your work and help create value through informed strategic planning and high-performance teams. By taking a thoughtful, investigative approach at the beginning, we can bring on the right resources with a plan that can be executed quickly and effectively.

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Fully Customizable Asset Advisory Services

  • Opportunities
    Asset Strategy and Repositioning
  • Restructuring Property Services
    Property Management
  • National Offices EMEA
    Project Management
  • Occupier Services
    Brokerage Sales and Leasing
  • Calculator
    Valuation and Tax Advisory

Watch how our Asset Advisory Services all comes together

We help independent investors, institutional investors and international investors meet their goals faster. Watch how we make it happen.
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Asset Advisory Services is interpreted differently for each client, asset, and challenge.

Your account lead is responsible for three things:

  1. Assembling the team of experts you want to work with.
  2. Creating a shared asset vision.
  3. Managing the performance of the team to meet all your targets.
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A strong, performance-based team that understands the asset strategy always delivers better results.

A strong, performance-based team that understands the asset strategy always delivers results.

We bring together our best experts for each challenge to execute on creative, thoroughly researched solutions that get you to your goals faster.

Once you have decided on a direction, our team is financially motivated to be accountable for the entire solution.

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Proven platform.

As a core area of expertise, we have a dedicated platform and programming specific to providing occupant experiences that attract and retain high-profile tenants.

Our owner and asset manager clients gain access to a sophisticated platform that includes:

  • National portfolio leasing
  • Leading local leasing teams
  • Internal lease deal flow management
  • Portfolio-level financial reporting
  • Risk management
  • Leading market intelligence
  • Sustainability and wellness
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By removing points of friction and frustration, we can get you to your goals faster.

We are focused on bringing you speed, consistency, and the very best insights to inform your decision making. Our value-added approach will improve your cash flow, grow asset valuation, and advance your reputation. 

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Pricing model to motivate success.

Your dedicated account lead is included as part of our service offering. Our fees are designed to drive performance across the team as a whole, to bring you exceptional asset performance.

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  • AAS office stat 1 33 M Office SF Under Management
  • AAS office stat 2 20M SF of Sustainably certified properties
  • AAS office stat 3 87% Class A+ Office Tenant Satisfaction Score

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