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Insurance Appraisal

Accurate and Quick Assessments

We assess an up-to-date replacement value to ensure you know the correct value of your property and are not paying too much in insurance premiums, particularly today when insurance rates are rising at a significant pace.


We make sure that you are neither over-insured nor under-insured.

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Why Work With Us?


We help property owners obtain an accurate and quick assessment of the value of their commercial real estate to ensure they are properly insured.

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Using our extensive knowledge and industry-leading technology, the Valuations & Advisory team at Colliers analyzes relevant market data in an efficient and timely manner to provide the most up-to-date value of your property.

Cycle Continuous

Through our experience, expertise and unparalleled resources, we give you peace of mind that you are not paying more than you should to insure your property.

The Advantage of Colliers for The Property Owner

Expertise and Experience

The team has decades of combined experience, with each member being professionally designated.


Trusted Service

Colliers, an international company with a rich history, delivers an exemplary client experience. We pride ourselves on having a very high standard for our methodology and work. Our service is thorough from beginning to end.

trusted service

Unparallelled Resources

Colliers has a multitude of resources that we use in a synergistic way to facilitate insurance appraisals. Our property management division has a wealth of data on the commercial real estate industry. We also use our proprietary property database to access and provide key information when assessing the value of a property.

Unparallelled Resources

Convenience and Consistent Presence

The Colliers team is available to provide a report annually on a building’s value.


Competitive Pricing

The cost of engaging trusted Colliers experts is competitive with the rest of the market and is a fraction of the cost a building owner would pay in annual insurance premiums.


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