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Insolvency And
Restructuring Services

The Only Firm That Can Manage An Asset Through The Insolvency Process From End-To-End Anywhere In Canada

Colliers Insolvency and Restructuring Services offers a customized team of distressed asset experts for lenders and borrowers in order to provide certainty and transparency for troubled assets and development projects.

We understand how to work with a range of stakeholders who may have different objectives and expectations, understanding the implications to both the lender and borrower, and we provide effective, tailored and proactive solutions to each project. All with a single point of accountability.

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How We Can Help

Colliers project and development managers can get up to speed quickly on incomplete capital projects and provide certainty and transparency to ensure projects are completed. They can give you a clear line of site to where cash is being invested, and what needs to happen to get your project finished and generating revenue.
Insolvency and Restructuring
Our expertise in leasing and property management can ensure you exhaust the market of every possible revenue opportunity, from existing tenants or through securing commitments from tenants on vacant or future space. We can also ensure your asset is operating effectively and efficiently, while providing a detailed level of transparency as to where revenue is coming in and how it is being distributed or reinvested.
Insolvency and Restructuring

Should you need to dispose of the asset during CCAA, receivership or bankruptcy, Colliers will bring in transaction experts who specialize in distressed assets and various processes to work with you to ensure the best possible outcome. We do this all with a rigorous, defensible process. On top of that, we have experts on the ground with local expertise in every major market in Canada.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Complete Solution

  • Briefcase Construction and development management. Get your projects finished.
  • Calculator Property and project accounting. Gain confidence and transparency of expenditures and revenues.
  • Real Estate Consulting Property management. Secure the assets. Eliminate risk of long term damage. Service the tenants.
  • Office Landlord Landlord representation leasing. Generate cash-flow or lease collateral.
  • Target 2 Insolvency sales. Maximize your return with a defensible process.

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