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Waterloo Industrial Market Report Q1 2020

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research article

It is too early to predict the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Waterloo Region’s industrial market.

  • If we look at the 2008 global financial crisis, the Region’s industrial market had significant vacancy of newly built speculative developments, an availability rate of 5.5% compared to the current 2.6%.
  • Supply at the time outpaced demand and landlords were offering significant tenant incentives to encourage lease up.
  • While the impact of that recession was sharp, the Region’s industrial market bounced back quickly. Although the two events are very different there is reason to be optimistic that the market could bounce back just as quickly.

Waterloo Industrial Market Report Q1 2020

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Karl Innanen

Managing Director, Kitchener | Broker

Waterloo Region

Karl Innanen quickly became a “spokesman” for the investment real estate market in Southwestern Ontario. He was able to dovetail his economics education from the University of Western Ontario with the practical experiences working in the real estate brokerage field since 1990.

Karl’s expertise is in understanding and analyzing clients' needs in relation to the dynamics of the market, and formulating strategies that will enable the client to attain their business goals.

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