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Toronto Industrial Market Report Q3 2021

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GTA continues to set a record low availability rate, with year-over-year increases for both absorption and rental rates in the third quarter of 2021.

  • Availability rates dropped another 30 basis points, currently standing at 0.71%. Across the entire GTA, only approximately 2.5 million square feet are available.
  • Demand for large bay space remains high but options are very limited. Tenants of that size range will have to be active early and react quickly.
  • The number of sale transactions were up 30% quarter over quarter which has driven up the average sale price in the GTA to $270 per square foot.

Toronto Industrial Market Report Q3 2021

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Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:

Peter Garrigan

Managing Director, Industrial Practice Group, Toronto Region

Toronto West

Peter is committed to accelerating the success of clients by leveraging market knowledge to forge new paths in the industrial Real Estate industry and create connections between landlords and investors and landlords and tenants.  Peter focuses on maximizing value and minimizing risk by developing unique solutions to achieve clients’ real estate goals.

Peter has maximized returns and minimized risk for many large landlords by effectively targeting and securing key tenants.  His strong personable character has enabled him to develop a network of business owners/tenants within the GTA.

Peter’s ability to create relationships with key tenants and landlords has produced many opportunities for his clients.

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