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Private Capital Market Snapshot Q4 2018

research article
  • Q4 2018 reflected significant market volatility when in December the S&P 500 entered a bear market, the Dow dropped 600 points to below 22,000 and the Nasdaq Composite fell 22%. 
  • Rising trade tensions and tightening financial conditions caused the pace of global growth the slow down, resulting in the revision of Canadian growth forecasts and lowering expectations for additional interest rate hikes.
  • Annual investment in the GTA’s commercial real estate market witnessed a year-over-year decline of 10.51% to $20.38B, spread over a total of 2,280 sales. 
  • The Industrial availability rate for the GTA Total decreased to 1.4% by Q4, 2018, with the Office availability rate for Downtown Toronto reaching 3.2% for the same time period.