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The property is situated on the southeast corner of East 2nd Avenue and Scotia Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in the City of Vancouver. The 13,019 SF lot is currently improved with a 7,121 SF automotive repair building constructed in 1985 that is currently tenanted by Gord's Auto Shop. The property is zoned IC-3, which permits a mix of light industrial, live arts and theatre, residential and related uses that are generally compatible with adjoining residential and commercial districts.

Commercial uses take up 8% of land in Mount Pleasant, which is double the 4% figure for Vancouver as a whole. Commercial uses in Mount Pleasant are mainly concentrated on Broadway, Main Street, and Kingsway. The general outlook for the Mount Pleasant area is to produce one of the greenest and most sustainable neighbourhoods in the City of Vancouver while supporting higher densities and increased commercial applications. This is to be accomplished by promoting a self-sustaining community, encompassing housing, jobs, schools, daycares, shopping and recreation centres all within close proximity to one another.
  • 02/01/2012
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