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SOLD - 29 Strata Lots in Burnaby - #1

On Behalf of the First Mortgage Lender

On behalf of the First Mortgage Holder, we are pleased to present the Court Ordered Sale of 29 units in South Burnaby’s Camery Gardens. The property falls within the Metrotown Downtown Plan which designates this area as part of the Central Park north area which calls for RMs4s/C2 zoning. This designation allows for future commercial podiums (office, retail, and/or service use) and high-rise residential building forms, with 2.5 FAR for residential use and 1.3 FAR for commercial. An additional 1.1 FAR is available to purchase from the City of Burnaby total a 4.9 FAR for the property.
  • 01/21/2021
  • Sale Price: 14,000,000