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Driving Innovation, Evolution and Trusted Solutions

Anant Yardi founded his namesake company in Santa Barbara, California in 1984. Then a programmer, he established the company in an effort to manage his own properties. Needing an operating platform to collect rent and manage the accounting for his assets, he developed a software package to do just that. Yardi is now the largest software provider globally in this space and remains headquartered in Santa Barbara, housing approximately 800 of the company’s 8,000 employees. Anant remains active in the business, as do his sons Kevin and Jason. Being a family-run business makes Yardi unique in the marketplace.

In this podcast, Jamieson Jackson, Managing Director of Colliers’ Office Practice Group in the GTA, speaks with Brian Sutherland, Vice President, Commercial at Yardi. They talk about Yardi’s origin story, how the pandemic has affected the company and its strategy, and what’s next for Yardi.

Hear all about:

  • Who Yardi’s ideal client is and who the company likes to align and partner with
  • Yardi’s emphasis on relationships, both inside and outside the business
  • How the pandemic affected the business in terms of unique project opportunities, and how Yardi used its own real estate to grow the business and overcome challenges
  • How labour market shifts impacted Yardi and its clients
  • What the future looks like and how Yardi will evolve over the next few years.

Listen to get valuable market and industry insights and learn how Yardi’s product offering and commitment to long-term relationships add up to success, both for the company and its clients.

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