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Colliers Winnipeg | New Office Space

Success Story
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After extensive planning and taking employee feedback into account, Colliers Winnipeg has enthusiastically relocated to their new office at 330 St. Mary Avenue in Winnipeg MB; an award-winning building and leader in energy efficiency. Inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation were some of the key guiding principles that LM Architectural Group were able to use to help the concept become a reality. 

The decision to move an office is never an easy decision; making the decision to move and embarking on an entire floor buildout during a pandemic adds another layer of complexity to the equation. However, the identified need for growth, improving employee satisfaction by building culture and collaboration, wanting to provide a better work environment for staff, being client focused, responding to advancing technology and wanting to reinforce the Colliers brand were the catalyst factors in proceeding with the Colliers Winnipeg office move to 330 St. Mary Avenue. Engaging the expertise of Colliers Project Leaders to manage our schedule and construction challenges and partnering with LM on this build out lead to a success beyond expectations.

The Challenge

Previously, the Colliers Winnipeg office was located on multiple floors inadvertently causing silos both by department and by floor. A lack of common areas created difficulty for staff to discuss and collaborate ideas, along with minimal technology to allow clients to remotely video call in to boardroom meetings. The previous office did not reflect the strength of the Colliers brand and the office as industry leaders. 


The strategy and objective of the buildout was to strengthen Colliers’ position as an industry leader for our clients and our people. Using nine guiding principles to drive the design and based on employee feedback the following criteria was used by Colliers and LM to design the new space at 330 St. Mary:

1. Inclusive
2. Collaborative
3. Innovative
4. Strengthens Culture
5. Authentic
6. Client Focused
7. Technologically Advanced
8. Reinforce our Brand
9. Right to Light

Leveraging Colliers Workplace Strategy of interior office with similar sizing and workstations against the exterior walls; we believe our design has achieved an optimal layout balancing satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration. With Colliers guidance, LM created a design that fully delivered and aligned with the guiding principles and already has had a direct and positive impact.

The Result

The move to 330 St. Mary Avenue where the office is located on one floor has naturally broken down the silos created by three floors, and improved inclusivity which has vastly improved collaboration. The employee collaboration workspaces allow for those casual conversations or more formal discussions to occur where previously there was no space to do so. The café has allowed for the ‘water cooler’ casual talk to occur allowing for staff from different departments/floors to become acquainted with each other and to absorb ideas from each other. The spacious lunchroom ensure staff feel comfortable remaining in the office to eat and allows for large number of employees to gather at one time. 

From collaboration spaces, offices located on the interior of the space and workspace located closer to the windows, branding through-out the space, client focused professional state of the art spaces the design is the benchmark for office within Colliers Canada.

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Colliers Winnipeg | New Office Space

Success Story
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Dan Chubey

Managing Director | Winnipeg Brokerage


Dan Chubey is the Managing Director, Winnipeg brokerage responsible for leading the sales advisor team as well as oversees operations, recruitment and strategic business development. Dan played an active role integrating the Colliers Winnipeg office with Colliers International and his focus is on leveraging our strong systems and technology to build for future growth.

Dan joined Colliers International in September 2018 after a 15 year career with global brewing leader ABI where his previous roles saw him as a Director with leadership responsiblity for the commercial business units of British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba. Recognized on numerous occassions as a top performer, his focus was on the development of high performing teams that grew market share while also prioritizing key financial metrics including top line and EBITDA growth.

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Linda Mikulik

Senior Property Manager


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Colleen Heinrichs

Operations Manager


Colleen joined Colliers in February 2013 as an Administrative Assistant and supported the three Executives within the Colliers Winnipeg office.  Colleen worked with the team developing and producing new policies/procedures, communication tools, HR guidelines and implementing the Workplace Safety and Health Committee.  In 2015 Colleen became the Administration Manager and continued to work closely with the executive leadership team to support and implement business processes and needs; and was responsible for the administration and implementation of national CRM+ processes.  She was responsible for coordination of office initiatives and special projects.  Creation and implementation of the Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures along with creating a Working Alone program were top priority for Colleen. 

Colleen became the Operations Manager for Winnipeg in January of 2019.  Colleen continues to work to improve the processes and procdedures within the Winnipeg office as well as managing the a number of facets of the office.  She is also working closely to transition the Winnipeg office to the Colliers corporate platforms and is involved with the change management of the recently acquired Winnipeg office.  Colleen tontinues to work across all business lines to implement the Colliers platform within the Winnipeg office fazing out all the legacy programs/hardware.

Colleen is the point person for the onboarding and training of new team members and helping all new employees understand the organizational structure and operations of Colliers. 

In addition to working hard, the Winnipeg office maintains a healthy social atmosphere.  Colleen spearheads the social committee and along with her team creates many opportunities through out the year for the employees to enjoy some creative social activities.  The social committee under Colleen's leadership is also responsible for organizing the Winnipeg Real Estate Forun - Colliers Reception held every other year, as well as CRER events in the alternating years.

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