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UBC Stadium Neighbourhood Rental Housing Market Demand Study


Vancouver, BC


University of British Columbia

Description: Colliers was retained by Campus + Community Planning to complete an assessment of the potential magnitude of demand for rental housing in the Stadium Road Neighbourhood.


In expanding the University of British Columbia’s campus to better accommodate students in a highly constrained housing market, Colliers undertook a Rental Housing Market Study for the Stadium Road Neighbourhood. Our key task was to determine whether there is sufficient demand in the market for UBC to develop additional rental housing beyond their current plans and policy targets.

Scope of Services

Our scope of work included reviewing student forecasted growth and housing waitlists in order to determine the supply and demand projections for non-market and market units. Findings from this study assisted UBC in finalizing the Stadium neighbourhood plan and rental scenarios.


Findings indicated that there was significant demand for rental housing on campus, particularly oriented to student and staff housing. It is noted that the ability to sufficiently house people on campus reduces the need for commuting, enlivens the overall campus atmosphere, and helps to better attract and accommodate students and employees.

UBC Stadium

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