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Colliers Talks: The Importance of Mentors and Allies, in CRE and Beyond

Colliers Talks The Importance of Mentors and Allies HERO
On her third day with the company, he came up to her to say he had a project for them to collaborate on. Eleven years later, she says, “What better promoter, champion could I have a conversation with, about diversity and inclusion?”

In this podcast, Arlene Dedier and Graeme Young have a candid, impactful dialogue on this important subject, covering a range of topics, including Arlene’s experience as a Black professional, within Colliers and outside; the influencers and mentors in her career who have both shaped and shifted her perspective; how the working environment has changed in the last decade; ways to make teams and organizations more diverse and inclusive, and the benefits of doing so; as well as advice on challenging and conquering bias – both others’ and your own.