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Spaces announces its two new locations in Toronto and Vancouver

The company will add 250,000 square feet of co-working space in two Canadian cities

TORONTO, September 18, 2018Spaces, an Amsterdam-born creative workspace pioneer, has officially announced plans for its two largest North American co-working locations to-date — in Toronto and Vancouver. The company will bring over 250,000 square feet of co-working and shared office space to two highly sought-after properties – The Well (Toronto) and 400 West Georgia (Vancouver), which are anticipated to open by 2022 and 2021 respectively. Since Spaces opened its first Canadian location in November 2017, the company has grown aggressively in response to the accelerated demand for alternatives to conventional workspaces. 

“Today’s announcement shows our bold commitment to opening aspirational and creative workspaces in the most highly sought-after buildings,” says Wayne Berger, CEO, IWG Canada and Latin America (IWG owns Spaces). “Spaces is bringing their largest co-working locations in North America to Canada because we know Canadians are at the forefront of the work revolution. The Well and 400 West Georgia are landmark locations and each will deliver on Spaces’ promise of modern design, creative community, and the most wanted real estate.”

Spaces The Well (Toronto)

Coming to King West, The Well (460 Front Street West) will bring 127,158 square feet of upscale co-working space in the building — making it the largest North American Spaces location to date. The new collaborative workspace will offer an expansive third floor terrace and an exclusive rooftop patio on the sixth floor of the building. Overall, The Well complex is going to be a sprawling 7.8 acre footprint with two office buildings encompassing over one million square feet of office space. There will be 1,800 residential units spread throughout six condo buildings with a stunning pedestrian courtyard, storefronts, and over 500,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor retail space.

 the well

Spaces West Georgia (Vancouver)

Located in the heart of one of downtown Vancouver’s most prominent development areas, Spaces West Georgia (400 West Georgia Street) will provide 120,393 square feet of vibrant new co-working space, second in size only to Spaces’ new The Well location.  The result of a collaboration with Westbank, renowned Canadian development firm and culture company, the building design is inspired by the cube lamp design of 20th century Japanese artist Isamu Noguchi. The building features lush living walls, glass floors, operable windows, a number of patios with breathtaking views, a two-storey landscaped rooftop terrace, and a spectacular fresh air lobby designed to resemble a rainforest. The development is a fitting addition to a neighbourhood that already boasts three Amazon buildings—including the Westbank-built TELUS Garden—and the acclaimed Vancouver Central Library, and is the future home of the Vancouver Art Gallery. With a design this contemporary, Spaces West Georgia just might be the most innovative Spaces location yet. 

the well

“The design architects, OSO, are doing the interior design for Spaces West Georgia,” says Roz McQueen, Leasing, Westbank. “This is an incredible opportunity for all of the creativity that went into the exterior of the building to now be woven into the individual user-workspace.”

“We’re witnessing a dynamic shift in the way organizations and professionals think about their work space. Traditional offices are becoming less desirable to a growing segment of the working population. People want open, bright, collaborative workspaces — they want to be inspired,” says Tobin Davis, Executive Vice President with Colliers International in Toronto, who worked with Spaces to find their location within The Well. “But it’s not just the tenants who love the ‘Spaces’ approach to office space — the entire commercial real estate industry is taking notice. We, at Colliers, are thrilled to support Spaces as they expand their footprint to create vibrant and inspirational workplaces with a focus on community.”

“The coworking revolution has firmly taken hold, thanks to the tremendous demand from a wide spectrum of potential occupants who have realized the benefits of community, flexibility, and cost,” says Colin Scarlett, Executive Vice President with Colliers International in Vancouver, who worked with Spaces to find their location within 400 West Georgia Street. “This is one of the largest leases ever signed in Vancouver and further entrenches the Spaces brand as the leader in co-working.

Today, Spaces has 137 locations in 30 countries and 94 cities around the world. The workspace pioneer will be expanding rapidly in Canada.

About Spaces

Spaces offers an inspiring work environment for professionals and growing businesses. In addition to office space, there are memberships and meeting rooms to help encourage creation and cooperation with like-minded people. Spaces’ goal is to offer inspirational surroundings with an entrepreneurial spirit where ideas are born, a company can evolve and valuable relationships are built. Spaces has locations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia.   

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