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Self ID: Be Included. Be You.


In September 2020 Colliers launched our Self-Identification program, Self ID: Be Included. Be You. This program is a vital initiative that will help us to determine the demographics of our people as we set meaningful diversity and inclusion objectives and measure and report our progress. We believe that when we better understand the demographics of our people, everyone benefits.

We provide our professionals with the option to voluntarily self-identify in their personal profile in Workday. The information shared is anonymous and the aggregate data collected will be used to report on the diversity of our workforce in Canada more fully. These insights will also allow us to create strategies and initiatives that will improve the work experience for people across Colliers.

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing our professionals’ stories surrounding self-identification, including why they think self-ID is important, how they think the data from self-ID programs should be leveraged, and why they decided to self-ID.

“I decided to self-identify my veteran status because I believe in the Veterans’ ERG’s mission and what they are trying to accomplish. I am proud of my military experience and believe we can affect positive change by organizing ourselves around a common purpose. We’re all busy individuals and finding time to participate in “extracurricular activities;” however, self-identifying took me less than one minute but the net benefit, if everyone were to participate, would be tremendous.”

- Danny Harrington, Vice President | Project Management, Austin Brokerage

To see more of our professionals’ valuable insights and experiences, you can follow along on our LinkedIn channel.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:

Pamela Smith

Communications Manager | Canada


Pamela is a contract employee at Colliers (Dec. 2018 - Jan. 2020) covering national communications for Michelle Santos (on maternity leave). Pamela handles the communications and PR programs for Colliers International in Canada, project manages national initiatives and campaigns and is a writing coach and resource to Colliers' marketing teams across the country.

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