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Transit Stalls Return to Office?

Weekly Research Update Transit Stalls Return to Office Hero
I’m a big fan of open data and one of my favourites is the Toronto Economic Dashboard. There’s a lot of positive news here: wages are up, the number of active businesses has grown, hotel occupancy has recovered.

But what jumped out at me were the transportation stats. While there’s been a huge recovery in airport volume and ridership of the GO train (suburban rail directly to Union Station), TTC ridership is lagging way behind. Why aren’t people riding the TTC? Pick a reason:

We can’t have a full return to office without the TTC – there just isn’t room for everyone to park. Do employers or landlords need to start subsidizing the commute? Is this a temporary bump in the return-to-office road, or will people stay away from transit permanently?

Weekly Research Update Transit Stalls Return to Office Graphic

In-city transit ridership is lagging far behind commuter rail and air travel, reflecting the challenge of downtown return-to-office.


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