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Pause and Re-evaluate

Research Weekly Insights Pause and Reevaluate Hero
After a restful August with no announcements, we’re back to tracking the Bank of Canada’s every move.

As most analysts expected, the Bank of Canada held rates at 5%... still a 22 year high. This is despite inflation still exceeding the target range of 1-3%, but look at the other indicators:

And the effect on borrowing costs is just starting to hit home. For a while, rate hikes weren’t reflected in the bond market. For most of this year, rates were well BELOW October of last year (see chart). But in the last few months that’s changed, and rates are hitting new highs.

Research Weekly Insights Pause and Reevaluate

The Bank of Canada held rates at 5% in the latest announcement, as a number of economic indicators show a softening job market and economy.


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