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CRE Lenders Increasingly Careful

CRE Lenders Increasingly Careful Hero
The lending environment is a constant topic of discussion at research HQ – without lenders, the deals just can’t flow. This week’s data comes from REALPAC, where they survey lenders quarterly on topics such as accepting new clients and the size of their loan book.

While a ten year term wasn’t standard even before rate hikes, it’s disappeared completely in the last six months. This squeezes a lot of the more marginal projects that needed a long term to make the math work re: payments and debt service coverage.

Lenders haven’t necessarily turned against CRE – 30% report a bigger loan book than pre-COVID. But they are being much more careful about terms and customers than they were 18 month ago. Fewer report being open to new clients (previously that was always 100% of lenders) and most now want a max term of three years at most.

Is this the ”new normal” or just a temporary pause due to recession fears and uncertainty about the Bank of Canada’s approach? I welcome your thoughts as always.

CRE Lenders Increasingly Careful Graph

Lenders are focusing on shorter terms and being careful about their selection of new clients, as interest rate hikes continue to weight on the market.


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