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Five Insights from the Real Estate Forums

Real Estate Forum Hero
I just attended the last big event of the year, the Real Estate Forums conference. In lieu of my usual charts or economic discussion, here are five big trends that stood out in the panels:

  1. Canada’s strong fundamentals. Again and again, panelists highlighted our favourable demographic and investment environment compared to many other countries.
  2. Political risk. To my surprise the discussion wasn’t focused on the Middle East, Taiwan or even Russia, but rather the 2024 election in the United States.
  3. Money on the sidelines. Everyone from pension plans to private equity to foreign investors emphasized that money is available to invest in Canadian commercial real estate, pending a change in valuation or borrowing costs.
  4. Obstacles to development. This one appears every year without fail, but the challenges of approvals and entitlement were front and centre in discussions ranging from affordable housing to industrial to conversions to densification.
  5. Divergent opinions on rates. Economic commentators such as Ben Tal and David Rosenberg predicted rapid rate cuts next year, while investors and lenders prepared for ”higher for longer” rates.
Many other topics were discussed including the future of retail, ESG/net zero, AI in real estate, housing affordability and Canada’s place in the global political order.


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