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Federal Politics Meets CRE

Federal Politics Meets CRE Hero
Once again, it’s late summer so indulge me on a topic outside our usual research discussions. It’s everyone’s (least?) favorite topic: Canadian politics! Amazingly, we’re coming up on year 9 of Justin Trudeau as prime minister. And in this month’s polling, we’ve crossed over to most people having a negative impression of Trudeau. This happens over time to everyone, from Stephen Harper to Barack Obama to provincial governments. Bad news piles up, a leader’s voice gets stale, fatigue sets in.

Recent data from 338Canada, an electoral forecasting site, suggest over 90% chance of a Conservative victory, and >40% chance of an outright majority. Whether this thrills or repulses you, it’s possible we have new federal leadership within the next two years. (Or there’s another possibility – a new Liberal leader who’s NOT Trudeau?)

For our industry, a change in government could have huge implications. Real estate is intimately tied to political decisions: immigration targets, building retrofit programs, energy policy, zoning, transit projects, rent control, minimum wage. Here are five areas that might look different under new leadership:

  • Carbon taxes – very significant for industrial, trucking and logistics
  • Housing – requiring cities to build to access federal infrastructure funding?
  • Pipelines and oil exports – possibly bullish for AB/prairies
  • Rates and the Bank of Canada – less stimulus and lower tolerance for inflation
  • Downtown – different tone on policing, treatment and addiction recovery

Research Weekly Insights Federal Politics Meets CRE

A potential change in political leadership has implications for lending, development, energy, labour and immigration... all highly significant for the CRE industry.


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