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The office has changed. So has office property management.

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Colliers Real Estate Management Services is engaging with tenants in new ways with the rise of hybrid work.

Across our 33M SF office portfolio, Colliers Real Estate Management Services has been evolving our tenant engagement platform in response to changing workplace behaviour, a cornerstone of our office service offering.

For the better part of 2022, tenants were rolling out their return to office plans, with over 60% working under a hybrid model according to our latest research report. For tenants, a return to the office wasn’t a return to “business as usual.” The same was true for their property management teams.

Colliers has been advising out clients on how to ensure our tenants have the most optimal office experience. As a result of these ongoing conversations, a series of initiatives have been launched.

Tenant Engagement Apps

A suite of tenant engagement apps have been rolled out across our managed properties. In the last few years, they have been particularly effective in helping our property management teams connect with tenants when they are both on- and offsite. Tenants receive “up to the minute” updates on what’s happening at the building and can plan their work schedule accordingly. The new app at Stephen Avenue Place in Calgary makes it easier for tenants to take advantage of amenities such as fitness classes and collaborative workspaces. At Bloor Islington Place in Toronto, the app was used to promote their rooftop garden, which a tenant subsequently used to host their “Goodbye to Summer” social, a convenient and cost-efficient venue space.

More events, more choice

Across our managed properties, onsite events have been adapted so that more tenants can take advantage of them when working under a hybrid work schedule. In some cases, one-day flagship events, such as the tenant appreciation BBQ, have become smaller, multiday events that allow more tenants to participate, unrestricted by the days they choose to work at the office. Ice cream and mocktail giveaways at Arthur Erickson Place in Vancouver, Thanksgiving pies at The Exchange in Vancouver, and weekly farmer’s markets at Royal Bank Plaza in Toronto each sought to broaden and sustain tenant engagement.

Community Partner Programs

Colliers has been integrating several “convenience activators” that give tenants easy access to unique services while at the office. Arthur Erickson Place has partnered with some of Vancouver’s premier hospitality and service providers to offer promotions and corporate rates to tenants. With dining discounts at Fresh Prep and direct-to-office delivery from Legacy Liquor Store, tenants can save time with meal prep or on running errands after work.

Onsite activation

What can the office provide that working from home cannot? Across our managed properties, our teams are finding ways to foster camaraderie and team spirit. At our Slate managed properties at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto, the team welcomed the Soenen Sisters, an ensemble of the harp, cello, and flute, to perform in the lobby this fall. During the World Cup, they also set up a viewing area complete with soccer themed beanbag chairs and more than a few animated fans!

Hybrid work is likely to remain the dominant form of work, with employees spending part of their week at the office and part of their week working remotely. Colliers Real Estate Management Services has expertise in first class office, and as the demand for quality rises, our team will continue to advise our clients on how to create unique spaces where people want to spend their time.

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