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Real Estate Management Services Releases Sustainability Report

Real Estate Management Services (REMS) today published its 2018 Sustainability Report reinforcing REMS’ commitment to environmental stewardship for clients and occupants, and inspiring positive change amongst its staff. 

This year’s report showcases REMS’ approach to sustainability across its managed properties, important milestones, and ongoing initiatives. The REMS sustainability team has also set out an ambitious series of goals for 2019-2020 that includes: 

• monitoring and tracking energy consumption at 100% of our managed office and mixed-use properties.
• increasing the percentage of certified buildings under management to 60% by the end of 2019.
• setting specific reduction goals for greenhouse gas emissions.

Colliers REMS Sustainability Report 2018

The report also reflects the increasing influence that occupants have over the environmental impact of buildings and the need for occupant engagement and programming.  

“We are truly passionate about sustainability, energy management and health and wellness. Our sustainability report not only reinforces our dedication but is also instrumental in our pursuit of continuous improvement in 2019,” says Phillip Raffi, National Energy and Sustainability Manager, Real Estate Management Services. 

The release of the sustainability report follows the launch of REMS’ new sustainability program, GreenSpace. The GreenSpace program helps clients reach their own corporate sustainability goals and enables occupants to engage in property-specific sustainability activities.   

Download the full 2018 REMS Sustainability Report here.

For more information about the Sustainability Report, please contact Phillip Raffi.