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779 De La Briqueterie

Patrick Soucy and his team know the property located at 779 de la Briqueterie in Lévis, a suburb of Quebec City, by heart. That is because the property was sold not once, not twice, but three times.

Colliers’ first mandate for this property was in 2014, when the client, a subcontractor for one of Quebec’s main internet providers, needed to relocate and add land to its ownership. The Colliers team found a property with a 16,000 SF building and negotiated with the city of Lévis to purchase an adjoining land parcel of 265,000 SF which the client would use mainly to park their vehicle fleet.
A few years later, the client decided to sell its business and turned to Colliers once again, to dispose of the property which now came with a substantial piece of land. 779 de la Briqueterie was finally acquired by the firm that took over the telecom subcontractor’s business.

Early in 2019, this second company closed shop and again, Colliers received the mandate of selling the property. The team achieved an exceptional turnaround time, closing the transaction within 2 months of going to market.