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Top 5 Reasons to Appeal Your 2024 Property Tax Assessment

Ontario Appeal Deadline Hero

Ontario Appeal Deadline - April 2, 2024

Unprecedented situations and events require novel approaches. We are amid dramatic changes in the commercial real estate market. This, compounded by an unprecedented extension of the current reassessment period from a 4-year cycle to a 8-year cycle (2017-2020 to 2017-2024) and we are now facing the prospect of the 2025 tax year being added to the current cycle. Regardless of whether you previously appealed your assessment during this property assessment cycle, it is important to have your 2024 property assessments reviewed, and as appropriate, appealed.

  • Competitive properties may have obtained assessment reductions or other changes to their assessment resulting in reduced property taxation. The requirement for equity of assessment means these reductions may also apply to your property.
  • Hindsight provides insight as to how trends in the market impacted your property. Approaching the review of your assessment with the benefit of insight and evidence not available when the assessment of your property was initially reviewed or appealed may identify new opportunities for property tax savings.
  • The assessment of property whose assessed value is based on the depreciated cost approach may not account for 8 years of depreciation during the new expanded reassessment cycle. Tax savings may be discovered from a comprehensive review of the costing with particular focus on depreciation.
  • Favourable changes by MPAC to its approach to the valuation or modeling of certain types of property or in particular geographies during the current cycle may not have been applied to your property.
  • Recent decisions by the Assessment Review Board, changes in the uses of your property, or other legal changes, or to its condition may have altered the appeal landscape for your property.
Due to the extended 8 year assessment cycle, it is more important than ever to exercise your annual opportunity to contest your assessment and resulting property taxation. Mindful of the essential role of appeals within Ontario’s property tax system, Colliers takes an advocacy-first approach to property tax services. The focus of our appeal services is minimizing, not managing, property tax. We assist our clients in ensuring they pay no more than their required share of property tax. Our objective is improving bottom line performance by reducing property taxes.

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2024 Appeal Deadlines 

Property Assessment: April 2nd

Municipal Tax Rebates:  February 29th

Leveraging our industry-leading valuation and advisory expertise, we provide comprehensive property tax services. Our professionals have years of experience successfully navigating Ontario’s complicated property assessment and property tax system.

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Robert Brazzell

Managing Director | Property Tax Services | Ontario

Toronto Downtown

As an Executive Director at Colliers International I am fortunate to lead a passionate team that assists  real estate owners and their tenants to take a proactive approach in reviewing and reducing  their property assessments and taxation. Our growing team of professionals strives to serve our clients above and beyond their expectations.

I am a legal and business professional with over 20 years of experience developing and leading corporate strategies to grow value; expand corporate presence; and protect corporate interests. I have provided legal support and business guidance and direction to property tax practice groups in Canada and the United States. Throughout my career I have successfully leveraged innovative approaches and established strategic relationships to deliver professional services, build market share and increase revenue. 

Applying the knowledge and skills I have acquired providing counsel to an administrative tribunal, serving as an Acting Chair of a provincial property tax assessment appeal board, and representing taxpayers in proceedings before property tax assessment appeal tribunals across Canada my role has most recently included providing legal representation in high value property tax assessment appeals in Ontario. As a property assessment appeal advocate my goal is ensuring the most cost-effective management of my client’s property tax assessments and property tax liabilities so they can realize their corporate objectives. I am focused on this goal and on delivering value to clients but always in the context of a commitment to ethical standards and operating with integrity


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Chris Jenkins

Senior Associate

Toronto Downtown

Chris joined Colliers in 2005 as a Research Associate. In 2006 Chris was promoted to the position of Industrial Sales Representative. In 2011 Chris joined the Valuation and Advisory Services Depart (specializing in Realty Tax Services) to further his real estate knowledge. Chris' experience in industrial real estate has proved to be an asset for the Valuation and Advisory Department. 
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Damian Bernacik

Director, Legal Services, Property Tax Services | Ontario

Toronto Downtown

As the Director, Legal Services, Property Tax Services at Colliers International, based out of Colliers' downtown Toronto office, I work with a dedicated team committed to surpassing client expectations.

With a robust background as a Property Tax and Assessment Litigation Lawyer, I bring expertise in handling complex property tax assessment matters and proceedings before the Assessment Review Board. Beyond this, my practice extends to tax exemptions, navigating municipal tax relief applications, and assisting clients in obtaining property tax grants. 

My strength lies in my ability to traverse the multifaceted and dynamic property tax landscape. I focus on exploring every potential avenue for property tax benefits and devising strategic tax mitigation strategies. By empowering my clients with tailored solutions, I ensure they maximize opportunities to minimize their property tax liabilities.

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