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Driving Success and Cultivating Culture in the New Business Landscape

Founded in 1948, Mitch Insurance has been a family-owned business for 74 years and is now run by the founder’s grandson, Adam Mitchell, who took the reins of what was once a small two-person operation and grew it into one of the top brokerages in Canada five years running. Mitch’s mission is to make insurance lovable by tapping into new technologies and securing the best coverage the market has to offer, while remaining true to its heritage by providing customers with outstanding service and advice.

In this podcast, Colliers’ Jamieson Jackson speaks with Mitch Insurance CEO, Adam Mitchell. They talk about Mitch Insurance’s story, including how Adam got involved in the family business and his subsequent journey; Mitch’s phenomenal growth and its point of difference in the industry; how the pandemic has affected the company and its staffing; how real estate drives business; and what the future holds.

Hear all about:

  • Mitch Insurance’s growth and unique way of serving customers
  • The firm’s unique online presence right from the beginning and its commitment to using technology to deliver better service and strengthen its brand
  • How having 70+ insurance partners provides better opportunities for its customers and is a game-changer in the business
  • How the pandemic caused a reshuffle and change in how Mitch sets out to be the best place to work and attract the best teammates 
  • How it is that Mitch has a wait list for its open positions

Listen to get valuable insights on the industry and Mitch Insurance’s thriving work culture, and learn how Mitch sets itself apart in the industry while remaining true to its original philosophy of providing outstanding customer service.

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