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Implementing a Rapid Response

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The office buildings located at 4000 and 5050 Innovation Drive in Ottawa, Ontario came under Real Estate Management Services (REMS) management on a very fast timeline, requiring a rapid deployment of resources and personnel to effectively accommodate the new acquisition.

REMS responded by adding additional staff to meet the urgent requirements, including having a level three refrigeration technician onsite. This expertise is rare and difficult to find in the Ottawa area, which generated the need for a highly focused human resources search.

The REMS team rapidly adapted to the high-tech nature of the new tenant, meeting their stringent security standards and offering assurance that all contractors and staff were adequately cleared.

Delivering on client expectations

Property management services at the Innovation Drive properties were ramped up quickly, while comprehensive maintenance schedules were implemented.

Additional challenges were created when the tenant occupying 5050 Innovation Drive made a move to 4000 Innovation Drive, leaving their existing space vacant and precipitating crowding and logistical issues at their new location.

At the time of acquisition, it was known to REMS that the Innovation Drive property management services contract would not be long-term.

With that understanding, short-term yet effective measures were put in place to ensure that immediate needs were met, while laying the foundation for a new operator to arrive and take over in a fast and efficient manner.

Through ingenuity, experience and the implementation of industry best practices, REMS was able to seamlessly secure and transition these properties. Ultimately client needs were met despite the state of uncertainty and the fact that the properties were in a state of flux. 

Success by the numbers

  • Rapid response to client needs and specialized requests
  • Unique staffing requirements effectively procured
  • Managed a tenant move and coordinated logistics
  • Delivered highly effective short-term solutions
  • Increased overall value of the building assets

Providing a flexible, customized solution

REMS was able to successfully manage a fluid situation while delivering positive outcomes in a timely fashion.

The property was delivered in excellent condition, well equipped to accommodate any tenant needs, while the overall value of the asset was increased.