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Colliers Activates Managed Properties with the Ground Up Challenge

Trail signage. Exterior art. Towering sunflowers. These are just a few of the projects that characterized Colliers Real Estate Management Services’ first Ground Up Challenge.

Between April and September, teams across our managed properties were challenged to take “dead space” and turn it into “activated space,” using principles of regenerative property management and the desire to leave spaces better than we found them. Guided by the question, “how can we better contribute to the wellbeing of the land, species, and people?” teams prioritized creativity and impact in the projects they put forward. 

The Ground Up Challenge is just one example of REMS’ commitment to site activation, where spaces, programming, and convenience factors enhance tenant and visitor engagement, elevate sustainability, and ultimately raise the profile of the assets we manage.  

For example, some of the edible and pollinator gardens that blossomed this season involved collaborations between tenants, vendors, college students, family members, and non-profits supporting those in need, who were the beneficiaries of crop yields. 

Check out the video on the right to see some of the projects!

“I was moved by the passion that fueled the Ground Up Challenge this season,” said Shiri Rosenberg, Senior Director, Asset Strategy and Site Activation. “Together, we are reimagining – and redefining – how we use commercial spaces. These projects serve to support tenant and community wellbeing, the wellbeing of the environment and also engage and attract tenants. It’s a triple win.”

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:

Shiri Rosenberg

Director of Asset Management

Toronto Downtown

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