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The Future of Work


National Program


A Canadian Insurance and Financial Services Organization


The engagement enabled the client to gain alignment on the purpose and objectives for hybrid working and develop the roadmap for the workplace of the future.

Project Objectives

To develop the vision, strategy, and integrated roadmap for a national hybrid work program. The goal was to design long-term strategies that would enhance employee engagement, drive business performance, strengthen culture, and manage cost.

Project Overview

Colliers collaborated with a cross functional client team with representatives from HR, Real Estate, Technology, Communications, and Risk Management, and provided consulting on the following areas:

  • Workforce Strategies: new ways of working, workstyle personas, hybrid policy considerations
  • Workplace Purpose: the role of the future workplace
  • Employee Experience: creating a seamless and productive work experience with a focus on wellbeing
  • Business Concerns: how to measure performance and productivity
  • Technology Requirements: considerations for individual solutions and hybrid collaboration

Colliers began the engagement by conducting executive interviews to understand the organization’s strategic objectives, opportunities, and challenges, to set the direction for the project.

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Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:

Sarah Bramley

Associate Vice President, Workplace Strategy & Innovation


Sarah Bramley is an experienced strategy and change consultant focused on aligning the user experience with business drivers and organizational culture. Sarah applies design thinking concepts in innovative ways to uncover patterns and needs, driving the development of thoughtful, creative solutions.

Sarah has managed client relationships with projects across North America, navigating complex organizational structures and multi-stakeholder situations and providing a consistent, streamlined experience for client teams.

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