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Fair Haven Homes Society Provides Seniors with Affordable Rental Housing

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Fair Haven Homes Society recently completed pursuing the redevelopment of its two sites in order to offer affordable rental housing options for seniors. As Development Manager, CIC managed the pre-application development planning process by establishing the design vision, coordinating sub-consultants, securing financing from BC Housing, conducting public consultation, and securing Rezoning, Development Permits, and Building Permits in both municipalities. CIC successfully completed the construction and leasing of the buildings, which were completed within budget. CIC has successfully de-risked the Burnaby site to provided 100% of the units at below market rental rates prior to the completion of the building and is in the process of achieving the same level of affordability with the Vancouver site. The Burnaby site opened in late December 2018 and the Vancouver site opened in early 2020.

Colliers provided the following services:

  • Conducted multiple detailed project feasibility analyses
  • Developed financial models for evaluating economic viability and sustainability
  • Oversaw and managed municipal approvals
  • Assembled and coordinated a team of sub-consultants
  • Provided schedule and budget management and stakeholder communications

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:

Jaraad Marani

Development Manager


Jaraad joined the Consulting team in 2015 with a background in retail development.  He has a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of British Columbia.  Jaraad has a strong background working with municipalities, NGO's, non-profits, and private companies around achieving land use decisions that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.  Jaraad's current role is as a Development Manager, working with both the United Church Housing Society and the Vancouver Freemasons on managing the redevelopment process of their respective properties.   

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