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Colliers Real Estate Management Services Wins KingSett Innovation Award

news article

We are thrilled to announce that Real Estate Management Services (REMS) and 1075 West Georgia have won KingSett’s Innovation in Sustainability Award for 2020.

The Award was established to fund innovative building projects that have a positive impact on operations, the environment, sustainability, or occupant and community engagement.

The Winning Idea:

The Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system at 1075 West Georgia is at the end of its life cycle and was identified for replacement in 2020. 

The current system for DHW heating relies on natural gas. REMS proposed replacing the existing gas-fired heating equipment with an innovative electricity-powered, heat pump (HP) system using carbon dioxide (CO2) as the refrigerant, effectively removing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with DHW heating.

Commercial real estate is a key contributor towards global warming and is becoming a major target of international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In Canada, buildings contribute around 30% of GHG emissions. A large portion of these emissions are from natural gas that is typically used for thermal heating of water and building spaces.

“Our team is so excited to have won this award which will provide the opportunity for 1075 West Georgia to install this innovative technology. We are looking forward to playing an active part in this iconic building’s transition to low emissions,” says Nicky Arthur, Energy & Sustainability Manager.

As the winning building, 1075 West Georgia receives $50,000 that will go towards implementing the proposed HP system.

1075 West Georgia