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Colliers Real Estate Management Services Building Operator Drives Green Cost-Saving Results

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An Engaged Colliers Real Estate Management Services Building Operator Drives Green Cost-Saving Results at 115 and 135 Matheson 

Colliers REMS Building Operator Drives Green Cost Savings

115 and 135 Matheson Boulevard West are two low-rise, Class B, non-core office properties located side-by-side in Mississauga, Ontario. Both properties were experiencing substantial utility costs averaging $280,000 per year. 

The drain on energy was driving operating costs upward, which was making the rent prices higher and therefore making it more challenging to lease out space in both buildings. 

Colliers International Real Estate Management Services (REMS) building operator, Jose Henao, decided to enlist the services of Peter Dash, Energy Manager, Real Estate Management Services, to identify any energy-saving opportunities and pursue an impactful solution using the sustainability team’s extensive resources.

After performing manual readings of the buildings’ performance, Jose identified multiple opportunities for energy saving, but the undisputed primary source of the energy hemorrhage was the heating and cooling of the properties at nighttime. Instead of reducing the heating or cooling at nighttime when the spaces were unoccupied, the buildings were being heated or cooled to maintain the daytime temperature setpoints. Following his discovery, Jose contacted the president of the properties’ designated building contractor company and proposed energy saving measures that included unoccupied temperature and fan static setbacks, along with the improved control of air handling units. 

Following 10 months of dedicated efforts, Jose’s recommended energy efficiencies were successfully implemented, resulting in $40,000 of combined savings, along with a reduction in energy consumption of over 15 percent. To the client’s delight, the resulting efforts decreased rent and elevated both properties to an improved state of environmental responsibility, more aligned with REMS’ sustainability mandate.