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Colliers’ John Powell Helps Wonderbrands Find their Perfect Home in Pickering

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FGF Brands, the owner of Wonderbrands, leverage commercial real estate expert John Powell to secure a location for their new campus that benefits both the community and their business.

When FGF Brands announced their new Wonderbrands campus-style manufacturing facility, it was easily the best thing since sliced bread. Wonderbrands, the bakers behind some of the most iconic sliced bread in our households, such as Wonder Bread, Country Harvest, and D'Italiano, is finding its new home in the urban community of Seaton in Pickering’s Innovation Corridor.

Located on the northeast corner of Whites Road, fronting Highway 407, on almost 150-acre will include the immediate development of two state-of-the-art, energy-efficient manufacturing facilities with future developments to accommodate their growth. The development will also include the construction of new public roads connecting the facility to Highway 7.

Aligning Corporate Values to their Real Estate Goals
FGF Brands is celebrating 18 years of success in the foodservice and retail markets in North America. The company's founders launched FGF with a bold goal: to become a world leader in baking by bringing quality food with the cleanest possible ingredients to people on a global scale.
This ambitious goal is powered by two fundamental beliefs. The first is the belief that everyone deserves to eat well. Natural ingredients and quality baking should not be luxuries reserved for people with thicker wallets. The second is the company's start-up culture, which embraces disruption of the accepted norms of the baking industry and harnesses emerging technology to redefine what's possible.

FGF Brands has achieved much in its 18-year history, but its founders believe that they've only just begun. The company faces big challenges in the years ahead, such as sustainability, and FGF is excited to solve these challenges and bring people more great eating experiences.

When it came to finding the right location for their Wonderbrands campus, they were guided by their values to ensure the location would benefit the community as much as it would their business.

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Authentic relationships and expert advice
Through a longstanding relationship, Colliers’ Vice Chairman, John Powell, was ready to help FGF Brands on their search for the right location. With over three decades of experience in commercial real estate, John is a leading market expert in the Greater Toronto Area. He has extensive knowledge in the areas surrounding Toronto and his well-regarded by his clients for his exceptional service and market knowledge.

John's expertise in the commercial real estate industry has allowed him to provide invaluable guidance to his clients. He is a skilled negotiator and strategic closer, with a deep understanding of market trends and property values. His unwavering determination and work ethic have earned him a reputation as a leading advisor in the industry and is known for his ability to get transaction done efficiently and effectively.

However, his expertise in real estate is not all that he’s known for. His authentic relationships with his clients translate into truly understanding the business goals and values that guide an organization’s decision-making process. With FGF, he knew that their commitment to the community played a leading role in their real estate decisions.

Their New Home in Durham Region
The proposed Wonderbrands manufacturing campus in Seaton reflects FGF's commitment to its mission and vision. Known as the Pickering Innovation Corridor, the former provincial lands were a potential location for an airport back in the 1970s. Since then, the vision has been repurposed to put the community first by establishing the Innovation Corridor with a growth objective of attracting 70,000 new residents to Pickering, while creating 35,000 new jobs.

The campus will play a vital role in developing that future and vision for Pickering, creating hundreds of new high-value jobs and foster innovation, while contributing to the local economy and supporting the community's development.

There is no manufacturing facility of that scale and type that currently exists in Pickering. As FGF continues to grow and expand its operations, it will continue to make a positive impact on the baking industry and the communities it serves.

When clients like FGF Brands work with Colliers, it becomes a true partnership. Experts like John work in lockstep with the client, aligning his expertise to their expectations. FGF’s development team, and their close, working relationship with John over many years, helped connect the right stakeholders like the City of Pickering, the Province of Ontario, and legal counsel, to turn this business vision into a reality for the community.

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