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Colliers Consulting engaged as Market Analyst

news article

When Brookfield Residential was considering a 365-acre mixed use development in Calgary’s Seton Urban District, they retained Colliers Consulting to provide a full analysis to understand the retail network in the burgeoning community. Intended to determine the appropriate scale and format of retail uses, the study sought to ensure that retail within Seton is sustainable and well-positioned relative to the larger marketplace. The market analysis determined Brookfield’s property retail use suitability by reviewing key area characteristics, summarizing existing and planned retail nodes in the region, discussing implications for retail opportunities within Seton, and calculating the total supportable retail floor area in the neighbourhood. 

During the course of the study, the consulting group reviewed the site and planning context, assessed regional and local competitive retail-commercial demand and supply, delineated retail trade areas, analyzed trade area demographics , calculated the warranted retail floorspace demand by category, conducted a retail gap analysis and developed a list of target tenants. 



Consulting Seton Market Analysis