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Colliers Canada Commitment to Inclusion

We all have been watching what has been happening in the US with a mixture of shock, dismay, and concern for our colleagues, families and friends.  Many of us in Canada may feel removed from the events in the US, but discrimination and intolerance does not know borders.  

As a Real Estate Services company, it may not be our place to be an arbiter of cultural and societal values, but it is our responsibility as Colleagues, Allies and Friends to create a safe place for fellow Colliers employees to come to work and thrive.  It starts with empathy and an understanding that racism and other forms of intolerance and bias can manifest in unconscious ways and have a direct and invisible toll on our colleagues. Individually and collectively we must be purposeful in creating an environment where all employees can openly affirm that they feel safe and are able to thrive at work.

Colliers does not tolerate racism, violence or discrimination of any kind. As a company, diversity and inclusion are among our core values and we are firmly committed to equality for all. I am proud to witness these values being embraced daily within our teams, who are serving their clients and collaborating with their fellow colleagues with the highest level of integrity, expertise and inclusiveness.

I care deeply about the people who work at Colliers, believe we have a responsibility to stay true to our Values, and appreciate our teams living those Values daily. Colliers truly is a great place to work, but we must continue to prove it daily.


Brian Rosen
President & CEO | Canada