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Colliers Talks Podcast: Calgary is on Track to be the Next Tech Town


Alberta has long been the energy capital of Canada, but the city has also always had a small, yet mighty, technology ecosystem. Over the past several years, investment in and support of Calgary’s tech sector have grown exponentially, allowing firms that have historically had to relocate to other major markets in order to raise capital, to scale and grow right in Calgary. In 2020, a record-setting $455 million in venture capital was raised to support Alberta’s technology sector, nearly double the previous record set in 2019. A healthy technology ecosystem typically represents about 5% of the overall economy; currently that number is about 3% in Calgary. The good news is, the city is on a great path and has a lot of room to run.  

Colliers’ Justin Mayerchak speaks with Dr. Breanne Everett, President & CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies and Terry Rock, CEO of Platform Calgary about how technology firms are impacting Calgary’s commercial real estate landscape. 

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