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Building Relationships, Trust and Housing Supply


Ironclad Developments was founded in April 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Ryan Van Damme, with the core values of integrity, honesty, and industry excellence. A cradle-to-grave developer that develops apartments with a luxury tilt, Ironclad has presence in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. It shines for its amenity-rich buildings and premium locations.

In this podcast, Colliers’ Warren Wilkinson and Karl Zeni speak with Ironclad’s CEO, Craig Gilpin and Director of Development, David Marsh. They talk about Ironclad’s story and impressive growth; the Ironclad team’s critical relationships with the neighbourhoods where they build; how Ironclad has fared during the pandemic; the company’s take on the Canadian housing crisis; its predictions for the future of multifamily development; and more.

Hear all about:

  • The pressure and advantages that Ironclad’s rapid growth brought to the team and what it all means for the firm’s operations
  • The challenges and rewards of developing in different provinces, how different municipalities handle development, and what they could learn from one another
  • Ironclad’s take on the state of Canadian housing issues and the changes progressive zoning could bring
  • How the supply of multifamily land was affected by the pandemic
  • How demographics affect multifamily development markets and Ironclad’s decisions

Listen to get valuable market and sector insights across provinces and learn about how Ironclad sets itself apart from other developers while remaining true to its “people-first organization” philosophy.

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