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Toronto Building Awarded BOMA Best Platinum Certification

95 St. Clair Avenue West Joins High Ranks of Environmentally Responsible Buildings with BOMA BEST Platinum Certification 

Out of all the buildings that apply to receive a BOMA BEST certification, only 2-3% are able to attain the Platinum level. In the span of one year, the team at 95 St. Clair Avenue West has demonstrated its capability and has joined the elite group of buildings that have met BOMA’s BEST Practices with its receipt of a BOMA BEST Platinum certification.
Boma CertificationWhen Colliers assumed property management of 95 St. Clair Avenue West, the 50-year old building had already been embroiled in a 15-year long attempt to secure a BOMA BEST certification and the client, Desjardins Asset Management Group, had high expectations. By working with Real Estate Management Services (REMS) Sustainability team, they implemented initiatives and tools, such as energy monitoring software, upgraded equipment, the purchase of renewable energy, and much more.

Boma Cert

After all the initial implementations, it was expected that the building would receive a score of 89%. It was the final introduction of BIP, a platform developed by Peak Power Inc., that served as the ultimate game changer. The team submitted the technology to BOMA’s Technical Review Committee and received additional innovation points, which allowed them to successfully secure a 92% score and earn them the Platinum certification.

 “This was undoubtedly one of the most collaborative efforts I have ever seen,” shares National Energy & Sustainability Manager, Phillip Raffi, when speaking about the teamwork and innovative thinking it took to accomplish such a feat. Stephen Wall, General Manager of 95 St. Clair Avenue West concurs: “This was a collective endeavor and there were multiple people who were instrumental throughout the year-long process in helping us get to the point where we can say that we are BOMA BEST Platinum- certified.”

Moving forward, the building will continue to explore new technology and initiatives that will continue to cement its position as a leader in sustainability and also reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions by 2-3% year over year. With a strong management team and approach in place, there is no limit to the building’s future success.