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The Broadway Plan: Behind the Scenes with PCI Developments

Behind the Scenes with PCI Developments Hero

Press “play” and obtain insights, straight from the source, on the Broadway Plan: the opportunities and challenges it presents, how PCI and other developers are responding, as well as the key sectors poised to be drawn to and benefit from the revitalized Broadway Corridor.

Vancouver’s Broadway Plan is a 30-year strategy to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities along the city’s Broadway Corridor in parts of Kitsilano, Fairview, and Mount Pleasant. Ambitious and controversial, the Plan is a hot topic within the community, business sector, and the commercial real estate industry.

On this podcast, Colliers’ Darrell Hurst speaks with Vancouver-based PCI Developments’ Dan Turner and Jarvis Rouillard. A real estate developer and investor specializing in urban mixed-use, commercial built-to-suit, and value-added repositioning of existing buildings, PCI is right at the forefront of the Broadway Plan discussion – and action: PCI is developing a prime property in a prime intersection within the Broadway Corridor.

Tune in and hear Darrell, Dan and Jarvis discuss:
  • The Broadway Plan, covering its merits, impacts and implications – and what it would take to make the Plan’s implementation successful
  • PCI’s vision for its landmark development within the Broadway Corridor and the learnings and strategy that led to this project
  • Economic factors affecting developers’ decisions and activity, within Broadway and beyon
  • What companies, employees, residents and the general community can expect with the realization of the Broadway Plan and of PCI’s much-buzzed-about Broadway project
  • Emerging development trend