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The End of Flat Marketing

Commercial real estate marketing is changing from flat to spherical

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With virtual reality headsets now readily available in every electronics store, and online platforms like YouTube and Facebook now supporting more forms of immersive digital content, commercial real estate marketing is changing from flat to spherical. We can soon say goodbye to the days of driving hours on end to tour properties, and flipping through stacks of paper listings.

With just a click and drag of a mouse, users can get a full picture of their potential future spaces, all from the comfort of their office or home. They can tour a space through video, pause on command and look at details they deem important. It’s fun content to interact with too, providing users a more compelling – and entertaining – view of a particular building or piece of land.

This impressive experience is not limited to virtual reality headsets – users can access this content on their desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets, typically without the need for special software or accessories.

What is 360-degree video/photo?

Most 360 cameras have multiple lenses that capture a scene in several angles, simultaneously. The photo/video is then stitched together through software. The result is a spherical image, the view of which users can manipulate by moving their headset, clicking and dragging their mouse, or moving their tablet or device.

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How it benefits companies looking for space

When finding the right space for your business, you consider numerous factors: Does it provide your clients the exposure they seek? Is it accessible to your employees? Does it offer features and benefits that will ultimately help you focus on what you do best – running your business? With 360 viewing, you get a full sense, scale and perspective of a location. You can see more spaces – in considerably more detail – and check off your must-have list, before even physically touring locations with an agent, saving you time and effort.
How it benefits property owners looking to sell or lease their space
Marketing your property using 360-degree content means prospective tenants can view your listing anytime, anywhere. The more accessible your listing, the more people will view it, and the faster it will sell or lease. 360-degree technology also gives you an edge over your competitors, who are most likely still using traditional methods of marketing their space.

The digital realm will only keep growing, and with it, the adoption of immersive content. Your target market is already using this tool –are you?

Sample 360 photos:

Sample 360 video with motion graphics

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Whether you’re an owner or an occupier of space, maximizing efficiency and results and delivering better service entails much more than following the latest trend – it requires evolving the way you do business. Now is the time to take a look at the power of 360-degree immersive content.