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Announcing the 2023 Spirit of Colliers Awards winners!

2023 Spirit of Colliers Awards Winners Hero
Today, we announced the winners of the 2023 Spirit of Colliers Awards. With over 2,600 nominations received from across our US, Canadian, and Global business, we are so proud to foster a culture of recognition and provide opportunities for our people to be challenged and grow – both personally and professionally. 

At Colliers, it is our culture that differentiates us. A culture built by people and teams who go above and beyond every day. Launched in 2021, the Spirit of Colliers Awards recognizes the outstanding efforts and achievements of Colliers teams and professionals who demonstrate our values in action and bring our culture to life. Our professionals are encouraged to nominate teams or individuals who embody one or more of Colliers' values to accelerate the success of our clients, colleagues, and communities.

For the 2023 awards, we had six categories for which individuals or teams could be nominated: Values Award, Leadership Award, Amplify the Brand Award, Innovation Award, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award, and Rising Star Award. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! 

2023 Spirit of Colliers Awards Winners:

DE&I Award
Men Lee, Associate Director, Marketing Studio, Brokerage

Innovation Award
Alan Mak, Senior Manager, BI and Data Science, Data Innovation

Leadership Award
Julia Kack, Senior Project Manager, Corp-Professional Practice, Project Leaders
Tyler Dolan, Managing Director, Vancouver Island & Okanagan, Brokerage

Rising Star Award
John Melnyk, Property Manager, Real Estate Management Services
Madolyn Lundrigan, Assistant Project Manager, Project Leaders
Siobhan Dalgleish, Senior Communications Specialist, National Marketing

Values Awards
Delaney Mackay, Communications Specialist, Project Leaders 
Jordan Girard, Marketing Specialist, National Events, Project Leaders
Keenan Biro, Senior Property Accountant, Real Estate Management Services
Makan Asli, Business Success Analyst, Canada Technology Solutions 
Marina Bedwell, Program Coordinator, National Service Centre, Real Estate Management Services
Maureen Brenes Núñez, Manager, Data Quality Management, Brokerage Data Operations
Natasha Lakhoo, Property Administrator, Real Estate Management Services
Ning Good, Senior Industrial Project Specialist, Brokerage
Patricia Christou, Manager, Brokerage Support Services
Peter Gates, Team Lead, BC, Project Leaders
Philip Lloyd, Senior Communications Specialist, Real Estate Management Services
Rita Esfandiari, Manager, Administrative Operations, Valuations & Advisory Services

Team Values Awards
Canada Finance Team 

Vivian Ki, Director, Finance
Rishi Sareen, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

Marketing Studio Designers

Ann Le, Production Graphic Designer
Carol Andrade, Graphic Designer
Dominik Borusowski, Graphic Designer
Joel Negi, Production Graphic Designer 
Johnny Hasleham, Graphic Designer
Kathy Soutsamrane, Graphic Designer 
Mary Wharton, Graphic Designer 
Mauricio Otarola, Graphic Designer
Nathan Thompson, Graphic Designer
Pablo Rubin, Senior Graphic Designer
Rebecca So, Senior Graphic Designer
Sharon Mendelaoui, Graphic Designer, Corporate Brand
Tim Reid, Senior Graphic Designer

Amplify the Brand Award 
Montreal MyREM Campaign Execution Team

Aldo Stephanus, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, National Marketing
Colin Worrell, Senior Managing Director, Montreal, Brokerage 
Eliezer Timolien, Senior Research Analyst, Research 
Julia Zhandarova, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, National Marketing
Karina Spatari-de Leon, Senior Social Media & Content Specialist, National Marketing
Michelle Santos, Head of Content, National Marketing
Olivia Boussard, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships, Marketing Studio 
Pablo Rubin, Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing Studio
Rachelle Siwy, GIS Analyst, Research 
Ryan Miano, Digital Content Coordinator, Marketing Studio 
Sonia Moussa, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Studio