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2018 Downtown Fire Prepares Colliers Montréal for COVID-19 Lockdown and Shift to Remote Working

Business as Usual Following a Fire

It was in July 2018, Friday the 13th, when Colliers Montreal realized what we thought was a fire drill, was an actual fire that had broken out on our building’s roof. Thanks to our disaster management protocol and the agility of our various teams, following the fire, we were able to conduct business as usual, outside of our offices, without any interruption.

Our forced remote-work experience lasted approximately three months and as challenging as it was, there was a silver lining to it: We all helped one another, collaborating and supporting team members in a way we never had before. 

Coming Together Again During the Pandemic Lockdown

Fast forward to Spring 2020, and we found ourselves in yet another remote-work situation, this time facing an event bigger than a fire – a global pandemic. This time, when our offices closed in compliance with a government-ordered lockdown, we were readier than most. Using technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, we have been able to share documents, work together online, and conduct live meetings and conferences, allowing for real-time collaboration.

Among the various initiatives the Colliers team implemented in order to maintain connection with our clients and business partners were a live webinar on COVID-19’s impact on the commercial real estate industry, which attracted an audience of more than 120 qualified industry players; a corporate web page updated daily to provide insights to occupier, owner and investor clients; and a series of short video capsules on LinkedIn providing key information to landlords and tenants. 

At Colliers, we see opportunities rather than challenges. This unique enterprising spirit has always been at the core of all our business relationships.

We see beyond what’s directly in front of us. 
At Colliers, we don’t see what is. We see what could be.


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