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CIIRVE supports parents' work-life balance during challenging period


Considering all the new challenges employees have been facing, we started to look at new ways to provide additional support to our colleagues. One of the employee groups at Colliers who felt they needed the most support through the pandemic has been parents. They continued to be tasked with finding and maintaining a new rhythm with work-life integration. 

We understood the challenge of being a working parent at the start of the pandemic and introduced a way to allow uninterrupted time for parents and interactive learning time for their children. Colliers partnered with CIIRVE, an employer-funded wellness and benefits program to help alleviate some of the stress’s parents had in finding ways to offer kids quality learning opportunities while tackling their workloads.

Virtual enrichment classes were set-up in small groups of2-hour blocks with a dedicated teacher. Classes included STEM, arts, and active movement. Parents with children ages 5-12 were excited to participate in this program with their families.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our employee parents. We are proud to have launched a program that helps parents meet the demands of their work by freeing up the workday, and we love when the parents share the priceless family photos of the program in action.