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Tonya Lagrasta | Colliers | Toronto Downtown

Tonya Lagrasta

Head of ESG

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Informations du marché

août 10, 2022

Rapport sommaire sur le développement durable 2022

Les Services de gestion immobilière de Colliers ont le grand plaisir de vous présenter leur Rapport sommaire sur le développement durable de 2022.
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avr. 26, 2023

Ditch the day off for volunteering and ‘voluntelling.’ There’s a better way for employees to make an impact

Scroll through companies’ sustainability web pages and you’re bound to come across photos of employees gathered for a day of volunteering at the local food bank, planting trees in a community park, picking up litter from a shoreline or standing behind an oversized donation cheque.
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avr. 19, 2023

A little help please: Why mentors matter so much for future female leaders

When people share the news that they’re about to be married, there’s usually a round of congratulations followed by obsessive discussions about the details: the venue, the engagement ring, the guest list and honeymoon location.
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