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Stacey Stewart | Colliers | New Brunswick

Stacey Stewart

Executive Assistant

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Entered the workforce as a factory worker on a production line in the Automotive Industry, Stacey realized that what she needed as far as challenges for fulfillment were not to be had.  So taking steps forward, she entered the Pharmaceutical Industry as a production line operator.  It was within this now global Pharmaceutical organization that opportunities arose.  Not only was Stacey the first woman to become a Compounder in the Toronto manufacturing facility which proved to be successful and opened the doors for women to enter other departments as firsts, but it was there she was presented an opportunity to expand her abilities and skills.  Stacey moved from the floor to the office.  It was there Stacey knew she was more a mental worker than a physical worker which was the start for those challenge fulfillments.   With no regrets, Stacey left the pharmaceutical company to join a global Controls Company that designs, manufactures, and sells electronic and electromechanical controls.   Then it hit…the 1990’s recession that affected the manufacturing industry which the Control Company was one.  During the time of shutting down its Toronto’s manufacturing facility, it was there that another opportunity was presented to Stacey.  Moving from an administrative role, Stacey was offered a position in the IT department as an AS400 System Operator which she accepted and continued to the closing of its manufacturing facility.  Stacey then joined North America’s leading manufacturer of custom built HVAC equipment.  Having entered at an entry level administrative position, Stacey proved herself and proceeded to advance from an entry level admin position to Management as it was there that Stacey was offered another opportunity to venture into a field of unknown….Accounting.  With no prior exposure, Stacey was flown out to Head Office for one day training.  Upon returning and with continued hands on and questions, Stacey found the mental challenges she needed….working with numbers, debits and credits.    After many years, then it came…the move from Ontario to New Brunswick.  After taking a year off work to ensure her young children were well settled, it was time to get back out into the work force.  Staying in the field that fulfills, Stacey was hired by a Custom Kitchen Cabinetry and Granite Countertop company as a Bookkeeper, but it just didn’t stop there.  Stacey also became their Production Supervisor and Install Coordinator.  An opportunity to learn more was present.  She learned how to template a kitchen for granite counter tops, to templating and cutting the granite slab, to fabrication, to polishing, to seam phantom, to sealing, to installation.  Having decided to move to Moncton which provides more and better opportunities not just for employment purposes, but opportunities for children, the family unit, and for a personal level, the move was made.  Taking everything into account career wise thus far and what has provided the challenge fulfillment, Stacey went freelance as a Bookkeeper.  Over the years, she has met many great people in a variety of industries.  It was during this time that Stacey met Bill Hennessey, Managing Director, Colliers International NB, and was presented with an opportunity to move from freelance and join the New Brunswick Team as a full-time employee.  To work with, not for, a well-respected Businessman in the community and a great Leader, along with a good group of Teammates, and an opportunity to enter into another industry to learn…Real Estate….she couldn’t say no.  And as Stacey knows, real estate does affect the economy by being a critical driver of economic growth, she is excited to be part of a Team and Organization that are experts in their field who help our clients achieve their greatest potential. That cultivate a culture of leadership: a collaboration among creative, entrepreneurial people who believe they can—and will—make a difference. Who are passionate about what they do, take personal responsibility for success, and act efficiently—all natural extensions of their enterprising culture.  Whose clients and colleagues motivate them every day to innovate and elevate their level of service. Who attract, develop, and retain exceptionally talented people with the highest integrity. Whose clients always come first, and who challenge themselves to give advice that supports the best business decisions. Whose success comes from taking their business (but not themselves) seriously—and enjoying what they do.  And let’s not forget…all the opportunities that lie within ….

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