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Solar powering offices for reliable and sustainable electricity

Colliers assisted an international organization by implementing solar microgrids on rooftops, providing cleaner electricity.

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One of Colliers’ key occupier clients is an international organization whose mission is to promote global economic growth and financial stability, encourage international trade, and reduce poverty around the world.

Solar powering offices for reliable and sustainable electricity

The focus of that mission is on less developed countries, in which the organization’s field offices are often located. These areas tend to be without access to large-scale electrical grids, meaning that on-site generators use fossil fuels to produce electricity, and power outages are common.

For the past two years, Colliers Occupier Services has supported the client in achieving reliable, lower-cost and cleaner electricity for its offices by installing microgrids, which take the form of solar panels directly on roofs and battery systems. This initiative began with the evaluation of four existing sites in Africa and the standardization of solar microgrid assessments for new office locations in Suriname and Niger. The new office site in Niamey, Niger represents a prototype for future projects.

For this end-to-end solution, our team provided site-specific solar analysis and program design, assessing solar irradiation, material availability and cost – as well as the current cost of power – to see where the client can use solar energy most practically and efficiently. To plan these projects, Colliers teams used dedicated solar software to model the production and per-kilowatt-hour cost based on a rooftop’s size and location.

Meanwhile, our project management experts engaged local consultants to understand the finer points of solar panel maintenance and operation – for example, in dusty areas, what frequency of cleaning is required to keep the panels functioning without diminishing power supply. The end result for the client: a renewable energy program that provides more reliable and zeroemissions electricity for less.