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Helping design new housing developments to fight homelessness

Colliers proudly supported the development of a new community housing project in Manila, Philippines, providing housing for 336 families.

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The Philippines has one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies, yet like countries around the world, it faces an ongoing homelessness crisis. For several years in Manila, Colliers Real Estate Management Services (REMS) has engaged with the city’s government as an operations consultant to help design and develop much-needed public housing projects.

Helping design new housing developments to fight homelessness

The first project, called “Basecommunity”, included a community of nearly 300 townhomes that opened to residents in 2021. That summer, 229 families moved into the two-bedroom units that include a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

In 2022, a second project for which the Colliers REMS team provided technical expertise is “Tondominium” -- two 15-storey condo towers that offer new housing for 336 more families. As with Basecommunity, our Colliers team met with all new residents to welcome and educate them on property management best practices to preserve the integrity and usability of the towers.

Both projects, and a third condo under development in Manila’s Binondo district, were legacy initiatives of Mayor Isko Moreno, who aimed to provide housing for the city’s poorest residents.

“It is these bold steps that help spur change and help uplift lives and we at Colliers are very pleased that the Manila city government has asked us to be part of this project.”
Jet Ilaga, Executive Director of Colliers REMS | Philippines

Colliers donated the following services in Manila:

  • Technical, engineering and general management review of sites
  • Recommendations on improving operations
  • Development of house rules and guidelines
  • Development of construction design guidelines
  • Preparation of operational guidelines for all facilities and amenities
  • Creation of a preventive maintenance program for equipment