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Helping a multinational industrial firm achieve its diversity mission

Colliers curated a network of certified diverse suppliers and leveraged our proprietary tracking system to monitor progress.

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A major U.S. multinational industrial firm with approximately 60 million sq. ft. in 700 facilities around the world issued a request for proposal (RFP) to manage its extensive industrial and office portfolios.

Helping a multinational industrial firm achieve its diversity mission

The company has a long-standing focus on diversity and racial equity dating back to the civil rights movement. Today, it continues to make impactful investments that drive economic growth and improve the lives of those in communities where it operates.

The company made clear its goals to be an industry leader in developing strategic partnerships with a diverse range of suppliers. In response, Colliers created a unique – and ultimately successful – program called “Identity, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship” (I.D.E.A.) that aligned with their values.

Putting I.D.E.A. into action, our team first assembled a list of suppliers that are both certified in diversity and verified to partner with Colliers Occupier Services. An important objective was to help our client identify diverse suppliers beyond brokerage services, such as project management. One key tactic was in implementing, a platform that connects diverse suppliers – including businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBT+, people with disabilities, and members of disadvantaged communities – with potential partners to grow their businesses. This move provided our project team with even broader access to diverse suppliers across the U.S.

Our multinational client leveraged this work to plot strategy and, by analyzing their pipeline of transactions, map locations over the next two years where they could hire diverse suppliers. In short order, they were able to engage with, and award work to, several minority- and veteran-owned businesses.

Using a proprietary diversity and inclusion dashboard developed by the Colliers technology team, the company can track key metrics on all these new supplier relationships, including location, critical dates, evaluation stage and diverse spend (a priority area for them). Our team also created a broker package that introduces the I.D.E.A. program to new suppliers, provides onboarding support into the client’s systems, and offers check-ins to make sure the partnership remains strong.

As part of our commitment to these values, Colliers ensured that teams received diversity and inclusion training, and are actively working to understand and confront unconscious biases – necessary learnings to truly embrace diversity.

Now, our client is set to develop a pipeline for the years to come, with a system in place that ensures diversity and inclusion remains a constant element in all supplier transactions and ongoing partnerships.