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How is technology powering commercial real estate now and into the future?


The Warehouse Crisis and the E-Commerce Boom

Industrial land was scarce before the pandemic struck. With e-commerce experiencing an unprecedented boom, the demand for warehouse space is soaring as industrial vacancies are falling to record lows . Get expert insights on potential solutions for creating land, resulting trends from the warehouse squeeze, the future of industrial real estate, and more.
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E-commerce putting unprecedented squeeze on Canada’s industrial market

Amid what is set to be a record-shattering year for commercial real estate investment, the industrial sector is the clear asset winner.
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sept. 20, 2021

Let’s replace industrial shortage blame game with solutions

There is no question that Canada’s industrial market is too hot to handle these days.
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août 17, 2021

The ‘Wild East’: The promising future of Montreal’s industrial market

Reminiscent of the Wild West – this is the best way to describe what the Montreal industrial landscape will be like in the next six to 12 months as demand for space outpaces supply.
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mars 9, 2021

Five things to watch for in Canada’s industrial market during 2021

When we compare Canada’s industrial property market to the other commercial asset classes through 2020, it’s clear industrial land and buildings maintained a steadiness not seen in other sectors during this pandemic.
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Client Success

août 19, 2021

Colliers offre ses services de conseil en vue de soutenir le développement de son client aux États-Unis

Lion Electric connaît une importante croissance aux États-Unis grâce au soutien stratégique de Colliers
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oct. 26, 2020

One of 2019’s Larger Lease Deals Puts Hamilton on the Map

We didn’t see a daunting space requirement amidst low vacancies. We saw the advantages of locating in an emerging market.
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oct. 26, 2020

Collaboration and Agile Thinking Enable Colliers Team to Conquer Tight Vancouver Industrial Market

We didn’t see a zero-vacancy industrial market. We saw the availabilities – and possibilities – in an alternative, thriving market.
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sept. 23, 2021

National Market Snapshot 2021 Q3

As summer progressed and health restrictions eased across most of Canada, optimism for a post labour day return to office increased. However, as Q3 2021 drew to a close and COVID case counts increased, many companies pushed back their return to office plans, with some delaying their plans to Q1 2022.
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juin 23, 2021

Rapport concernant le sondage mené auprès des locataires d’espaces industriels - Été 2021

Que nous réserve l’avenir? est la troisième publication de notre série de rapports relatifs à l’incidence de la pandémie sur les actifs industriels et à ce à quoi il faut s’attendre pour les années à venir.
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août 17, 2021

North America Market Snapshot Q2 2021

The North American investment sales market is powering back to normal, a positive sign after a year of uncertainty. Multifamily and industrial remain the top investment choices by volume.
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