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Downtown Manitoba

Manitoba Property Tax Services

Who Can Benefit From Colliers Manitoba Property Tax Services

  • Owners with investment assets must minimize fixed costs such as property taxes to maximize net revenue and offer the most attractive rents possible.
  • Occupiers view property taxes as a fixed production cost. Lowering property taxes ensures they remain competitive in their marketplace and can extend the longevity of a business or specific site.
  • Tenants look to maximize utility of leased premises, whether used for office or production. Lowering taxes impacts the bottom line and increases the value of existing and anticipated net rents.

Benefits of a Property Tax Review

  • Relief of the frustration and time with your appeal
  • Better use of your time by delegating this function to a professional
  • Professional unbiased opinion on the fairness of your assessment
  • Enhancement of the competitiveness of your property due to lower taxes in comparison to your competition
  • Lower taxes increases net rents and hence overall value
  • Independent review to satisfy tenants that the landlord is protecting their interests by minimizing taxes
  • Consultants’ knowledge of the process and assessment issues

For more information, please contact

Rocky Neufeld

Rocky Neufeld

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