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Retail Leasing Trends

Retail leasing trends

What influences the retail market today?

Sensuous Merchandising

Today’s merchandising displays are making better use of the environmental factors that influence sales. Store fixtures entice and guide customers as they enter. Displays are typically clean-looking, with wider aisles and better access to product.

It’s not enough to create an attractive display window—today’s retailers are appealing to all of the senses. Stores infuse the shopping experience with music tailored to their key demographic, smells and tactile delights. A trip into Abercrombie & Fitch with its shuttered storefront, dark lighting, cologne scents and pumping music makes it clear that this store is not for the old-at-heart.

Co-Tenancy and Competition

When was the last time you drove down the street and saw a drugstore…only to see a competing drugstore just one block away? Retailers increasingly dare to locate near their greatest competition. 

In lease negotiations, retailers are also adamant about locating next to perceived complementary businesses. While co-tenancy clauses once specified anchor tenants, co-tenancy clauses might now specify a small store in another category.


In retail, there are two kinds of green—profit is one of them. The other green is found in sustainable buildings. Although green building is now a major factor influencing the office market, it is also an emerging concern for retailers who want to elevate their brand image with sustainable practices. Additionally, studies indicate 
that natural light and air have a positive influence on shoppers’ spending habits.

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